2012-Sans titre (barrÇ) ∏Rebecca Fanuele-OK

Sans titre


ball pen on neutral Vivaldi paper 240 gr, metallic structure, neon, hacked mp3, variable dimensions

The drawing on this installation is the transcription in ballpoint of a state that the artist feels during extended listening to techno-pop from the years 1990–2000. Dal Negro tries to enter a trance-state freeing him from even the notion of drawing. For each of the periods of the drawing, the listening-time can reach 18 hours. This duration is determined by the sound-matrix: a playlist.

In large format, this performative drawing presents a mass of hatchings that eventually saturate the extent of the paper. Organic in character, the woolly, vibrant form evokes the idea of intense sensory perception.

Sans titre also comprises a small screen adjoining the structure of the drawing, like an excrescence. On this screen appear the titles of the music played during the making of the drawing. The light rakes the almost vitrified surface of the drawing, which is presented on a metal plate inclined at an acute angle and constitutes the legible transcription of the state of the artist at a chosen moment.


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